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Ko defends plan to close Taipei West Bus Terminal

Ko defends plan to close Taipei West Bus Terminal

Sunday morning Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je offered a defense of his suggestion that the West Bus Terminal at Taipei Main Station be relocated somewhere else after the MRT line to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport opens later this year.

Ko argued that in the past Taipei Station was seen as a critical hub in the city’s traffic pattern. With the MRT system covering more of the metropolitan area and beginning to extend even farther into the countryside, however, said Ko, it is time to re-think the strategy of focusing on one central location for making transfers to other areas of the city in order to make the best possible use of various forms of transportation.

Among the loudest voices complaining about the proposed more are those of commuters from the Keelung area, who have said moving the connection from Taipei Station would cause them great inconvenience. They said closing down the West Bus Terminal would make them feel that they are second-class citizens.

Mayor Ko said that is not his intent at all, asking residents to take a broader look at the implications of growth in the transportation infrastructure of the city and think about what future planning should take into consideration.
Ko noted that Taipei’s transportation network is still being developed, and while in the past nearly a third of all bus lines passed through the Taipei Main Station area, the growth of the MRT with its multiple choices of routes means that travelers can choose from a wider variety of ways to get to different areas of the city.

Ko noted that his son is a student at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu. He lives in a dorm in Hsinchu and makes the trip to Taipei every week or so by taking the bus between Hsinchu and MRT Daqiaotou Station, then takes the MRT between Daqiaotou and MRT Dongmen Station. He said the trip takes about an hour and a half, and he knows full well that there are other ways to make such trips than changing transport modes at Taipei Railway Station.

Updated : 2021-04-21 20:13 GMT+08:00