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Lawyers: Millionaire Robert Durst illegally arrested

Lawyers: Millionaire Robert Durst was illegally arrested on murder charge in New Orleans

Lawyers: Millionaire Robert Durst illegally arrested

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Lawyers for Robert Durst say the millionaire was illegally arrested on charges that he murdered a woman in California, as well as drug and weapons charges filed in New Orleans.

In papers filed Friday, William Gibbens and Dick DeGuerin asked a magistrate judge to schedule a preliminary hearing so that they can prove that there is no probable cause to keep Durst jailed. They say he should be released.

The judge agreed to schedule that hearing during another court appearance by Durst on Monday in New Orleans.

The attorneys also asked the judge to order that evidence be preserved from the hotel where Durst was arrested. They are seeking any and all records related to Durst and Everett Ward, the pseudonym Durst used to check into the hotel.

Updated : 2021-06-19 23:45 GMT+08:00