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Thirdhand smoke is more harmful to children

Thirdhand smoke is more harmful to children

Most people know that smoking and secondhand smoke are harmful to human health. Now the bad news is that the threat of thirdhand smoke is even greater than the secondhand, say health experts.

The thirdhand smoke is the leftover of nicotine of tobacco smoke, inclining on walls, clothes, cushions, carpets, drapes of indoor surfaces, and contains heavy metal pollutants, carcinogen and radiations. Therefore, it creates a dangerous environment for all nonsmokers in the house, especially infants and children, who like to play on the ground and often put their hands into the mouth after touching those unseen toxic substances, according to the Health Center of Nuannuan District of Keelung City.

More horrible is that it’s hard to get rid of thirdhand smoke. The center said using fans or air conditioners or vacuum cleaners can’t eliminate the leftovers of smoke, and if we open the window, the smog would be blown out of the house, but the residue of carcinogenic chemicals would remain except by replacing all the furniture with new ones, and whitewashing walls of the house.

According to the experts, if children exposed to the hazardous environment for a long time, it will result in the respiratory disease, increasing chances of infecting with asthma, tympanitis and so on, and even affect their cognitive and reading ability.

The center appeals to smokers to give up smoking not only for themselves but also for their families. “In order to protect our families and later generations, we should create a safe and healthy environment,” a city health official says.

Updated : 2021-09-27 16:09 GMT+08:00