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Su Chi, others deny being in Taipei-China working group

Su Chi, others deny being in Taipei-China working group

Media reports said Wednesday that Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je is forming a working group including people both inside and outside the municipal government to study matters concerning Taipei City and its relations with counterparts on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. Proposed membership in the group was thought to include former Secretary General of the National Security Council Su Chi and five or six others from both Blue and Green camps.

On Wednesday, however, Su and several others mentioned as possible members of the group came forward to deny that they had been asked to join. Su, Professor Chang Wu-yue of the Tamkang University China Research Institute, former National Security Council Deputy Secretary-General Chang Jung-feng and former DPP Mainland Affairs Director Tung Lii-wen all said that they had neither been contacted nor consulted regarding the working group.

Su Chi that if had been approached he would have turned the invitation down, saying that right now he only cares about the “overall stability of everything and not about any individual's election campaign or personal affairs." Chang Wu-yue said simply, "No has asked me about it, so I haven’t responded."

Su Chi added, "I am grateful that Ko Wen-je thinks so highly of me, but he may have a better memory than I do. I don’t remember anyone talking to me about it. And even if someone mentioned it, I am not interested." He added that besides seeing Ko at a recent banquet he had not talked with anyone from City Hall.

Chang Wu-yue said Wednesday that like Su, he had not been approached about the matter. Tung Li-wen said that he and Ko, Su and Chang Wu-yue had all talked briefly about cross-strait relations at a banquet a couple of weeks ago but no one said anything about forming a group.

Hung Chih-kun, a consultant for the Taipei City Government, noted that there are some who would like to see such a working group formed while others are against it. Regardless of what supporters or opponents of the proposal may think, said Hung, the main idea in putting together such a group will be to obtain inputs from a broader, pluralistic set of observers with experience in Chinese affairs.

Updated : 2021-09-24 17:47 GMT+08:00