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Danish police carry out more raids after February attacks

Danish police carry out more raids connected to last month's deadly shooting in Copenhagen

Danish police carry out more raids after February attacks

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Danish police say they are carrying out several raids across Copenhagen in connection with last month's deadly shooting at a free-speech seminar and the capital's main synagogue.

Police spokesman Joergen Skov said Tuesday's raids were part of "the continued investigation" into the Feb. 14 and 15 attacks.

Skov declined to elaborate, and it wasn't immediately clear whether any arrests have been made.

Omar El-Hussein killed a bystander outside the building where the seminar was held before spraying the entrance with 27 bullets. Hours later, the 22-year-old El-Hussein fatally shot a Jewish guard outside the synagogue. Five police officers were also wounded in the attacks. El-Hussein was later killed in a police shootout.

Three men are already in custody suspected of assisting El-Hussein.

Updated : 2021-09-25 05:36 GMT+08:00