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Call 112 in mountain emergencies when signal is weak

Call 112 in mountain emergencies when signal is weak

Taiwan is blessed with a wide variety of natural wonders including dozens of mountain peaks that will challenge the skills of even the most seasoned climber. And occasionally climbers encounter problems or situations where they need to call in help from the outside. When that happens, the usual procedure is to call 110 or 119 to contact the police or the fire department for assistance.

Sometimes, however, the climber may be in an area where there are no relay stations and the signal is weak. In such cases climbers are advised to try calling the 112 emergency rescue number, which is often available in areas where 110 and 119 coverage is not available. The 112 service can handle the situation or transfer the call to police or fire department units to provide assistance.

One experienced climber surnamed Huang explains that the Tianshan Peak in Fuxing District rises to a height of 1907 meters above sea level and attracts many seasoned climbers. The round trip to the peak is about 18 km long and the slopes are very steep with many roots and tangled shrubs along the route. The southern approach is considerably more difficult than the northern route, and there are generally less travelers on the southern slope. Huang says it is best to try to follow the same route down the mountain that you took going up in order to minimize the chance of taking a wrong turn and getting lost.

Huang reminds all climbers to make proper preparations before each trip, including accurate maps, torches, warm clothing, food and water and other equipment, plus phones with enough reserve power for use in an emergency situation. He adds that newcomers to a location should not just rush into the mountains, instead taking time to seek out a guide familiar with conditions in the area wherever possible.

Huang notes that climbers who become accidentally lost in the mountains should remain calm and call for help. They should be able to offer a clear, detailed description of the area where they are situated including notable scenery or landmarks as well as some of the plant species in an area – a detail that can help rescuers determine at what altitude the caller is and how much time it might take to stage a rescue.

Police in areas with mountainous terrain remind visitors that the first choice in emergency situations where phone reception is good is to call 110 or 119. If the signal is weak and reception is poor, the caller can try the 112 emergency rescue line, which will transfer the caller to 110 or 119 for emergency assistance. 112 offers instructions in both Chinese and English for the convenience of foreigners traveling in Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-09-29 10:17 GMT+08:00