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NTSEC presents amazing Sonic Bed

NTSEC presents amazing Sonic Bed

The Sonic Bed, one of the most unique beds in the world, is the one item in the exhibition named “BIORHYTHM-Music And The Body Exhibition” at the National Taiwan Science Education Center. When lying on the bed, people can have a special feeling of the music traveling around your body, which allows us to enjoy music through the body not only through the ears.

According to the Taiwan Science Education Center, the website of Spanish “Habitissimo” compiles 15 special beds in the world. Besides the Sonic Bed, the others are the beds which enable people to sleep by standing, a bed which likes a bird’s nest, a bed which lets you feel you are sleeping in a book, a bed which was reconstructed by the wine tub, an iced bed, and so on.

One of them, the Sonic Bed was created by the British sound artist and composer Kaffe Matthews, who installed loudspeakers around and on the bottom of the bed, from which music could pass through and slide up and down your body. The interactive device has combined art, music, and technology, and also changed the way we perceive the music. It is the Sonic Bed that helps us think about how music affects our lives and how we respond to music when we are in a good or bad mood.

Not only the Sonic Bed, there are also many interactive installations in the exhibition “Biorhythm- Music And The Body Exhibition,” such as the sonic table, which can produce different kinds of music by the movement of people, the 3D synthesized Lego games, which use building bricks to compose music according to visitor’s heartbeats, the Science Education Center said.

“BIORHYTHM-Music And The Body Exhibition,” which was jointly sponsored by the National Taiwan Science Education Center, National Museum of Natural Science, and the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, is open from December 11, 2014 through June 10, 2015, and invites people to interact and play with music, enjoying different ways in experiencing it.

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