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Artistic beauty of quilts exhibit at Taitung

Artistic beauty of quilts exhibit at Taitung

“Horizons of Art Quilts”, held by the Taiwan Art Quilt Society (TAQS), is taking place at the National Taitung Living Art Center from March 10 through 29. The third HAQ holds the traveling exhibition from May 2014 and has been shown at Tinan, Kaoshsiung, Miaoli, and Taipei. Now it extends the exhibition well into 2015.

One project named “The island of Deer” was collaboratively worked by 33 artists. Taiwan once had been the heaven of deer, but hunting reduced overall deer populations. Now most of the deer are raised by humans. As a result, through the artwork and through the warmth of each stitching, the artists hope to give significance to the ecology of Taiwan.

Apart from showcasing the fabulous quilted artworks from 39 domestic artists, the organizer presents the productions of cross-countries collaboration. “Round Robin quilt” was created by artists of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, who spent three years working on this project. The collaborating pattern was interesting too. The artwork traveled to both foreign countries, and finally backed to Taiwan, completed by the artists of TAQS. This is the first transnational quilted artwork, full of creative contributions of artists from three countries.

TAQS is a non-profit organization to promote the beauty of quilts and encourage the creations by irregularly holding exhibitions, and it offers a stage to all quilted artists to exchange and communicate ideas. The exhibition “Horizons of Art Quilts” is open until March 29, showing the creative power from domestic and international artists, conveying the spirit of quilts to visitors.

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