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SID summons Lee Hong-yuan, others in Ting Hsin investigation

SID summons Lee Hong-yuan, others in Ting Hsin investigation

The Special Investigation Division (SID) has called in more witnesses to give testimony in its investigation of charges that President Ma Ying-jeou received illegal political contributions from the Ting Hsin Group in a presidential campaign. On Tuesday AID summoned former Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-yuan along with former president of Central News Agency (CNA) Chen Shen-ching for questioning in the case.

Radio talk show host Clara Chou broke the story about the contributions, charging that executives of Ting Hsin Group had allegedly asked Chen for help in contacting former Deputy Secretary General of the Presidential Office Luo Chih-chiang.

DPP Legislator Lin Shu-fen recently posted a Facebook message questioning a land deal that allowed Ting Hsin to purchase a tract of land at Xin-yan in Sanchong in July 2010. In January 2011, New Taipei City Government’s Construction and Planning Agency received an application regarding the purchase. In early 2013, then-Premier Jiang Yi-huah ruled that Fan Chang should have jurisdiction in the case and asked Lee to have Yeh Shih-wen, who was director of the Construction and Planning Bureau (CPB) at the time, step down in favor of Fan Chang.

Lee rejected Jiang’s request, however, and appointed Hsu Wen-lung to replace Yeh as acting director of the CPB . Although Ting Yu-chun was eventually named Director of the CPB, Fan Chang was appointed Deputy Finance Minister, thereby causing Lin Shu-fen to suspect that Chang's promotion may have had something to do with actions in taking care of Ting Hsin.

In this regard, SID summoned Lee for questioning Tuesday morning. Lee met with investigators for about an hour, emerging to say only that it was “inconvenient” to reveal what he had told them.

Clara Chou had said that Wei Ying-chiao of Ting Hsin had prevailed on former National Security Council head King Pu-tsung and Chen Shen-ching to enlist the help of former Presidential Office Deputy Secretary-General Luo Chih-chiang for assistance in securing the group’s purchase of a stake in Taipei 101, an action believed to be illegal.

Chou also charged that Luo Chih-chiang, his older brother Luo Chih-yung and Chen Shen-ching blurred the lines between public and private business by dining with the financial officers of various holding companies. The two Luos and Chen have denied, however, that there was anything untoward in their dealings with the company executives.

A number of business and political figures have been called in by SID to give testimony in the ongoing investigation, including Ting Hsing’s Wei Ying-chiao, former presidential aide Kang Bing-cheng, Helm Technology Chairman Ni Chi-hsi, former Director of New Micropore Wang Kung-chan, and chairman of Taiwan Lottery and former Secretary-General of the Executive Yuan Hsueh Hsiang-chuan. Investigators have also questioned Clara Chou, DPP Legislator Tuan Yi-kang and former Legislator Liu Wen-hsiung regarding public statements they have made regarding alleged political contributions made by Ting Hsin. Prosecutor-General Yen Da-ho has said that he does not rule out calling in President Ma Ying-jeou to give testimony in the case if needed.

Updated : 2021-09-27 20:33 GMT+08:00