Pan-green heirs to vie for legislature seats

Taipei, March 8 (CNA) An announcement by the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) published Friday revealed that several offsprings of prominent pan-green political figures have registered to compete in the party's 2016 legislative primaries. Prominant pan-green legacy candidates include Su Chiao-hui (???), daughter of fomer DPP chairman and Premier Su Tseng-chang (???), Liao Yi-kun (???), son of former legislator Liao Pen-yen (???), and Yu Ping-tao (???), son of Yu Shyi-kun (???), another former DPP chairman and premier, and Cheng Yu-hao (???), son of former legislator Cheng Yu-chen (???). The ruling Kuomintang's (KMT) website on Feb. 13 suggested that the offsprings of DPP political dynasties may face the same scrutiny and criticism suffered by Sean Lien (???) during his bid for Taipei City Mayor last year. Lien was smeared by the DPP as a "princeling", a "daddy's boy" with no distinguishable merits other than his highborn status as the son of Lien Chan (??), former KMT chairman and ROC vice president, the KMT website report said. In addition, the report questioned whether the emergence of these second-generation DPP politicians had crowded out other pan-green aspirants, and whether immediate admission to the nation's legislative elections instead of more grassroots endeavors is the ideal first step for the next generation of politicians. The KMT report also criticized the rift in the DPP camp, saying that Su Tseng-cang had personally tried to persuade Liao Yi-kun to give up his bid to run in the 2016 legislative elections, while his daughter had later announced her intent to run in the same race without consulting the Liao family. The KMT said that Su's strong-arm tactics displays a backward and authoritative bent that hampers Taiwan's progress towards democracy. Most notably, the report said that as the DPP called upon the younger generation to join in its grassroots Youth Power (????) initiative last year, it's political heavyweights were busy arranging a fast track to the legislative election for their children. (By Wang Hong-kuo and Ted Chen)