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NTU cultivates quality rice Tainan 16

NTU cultivates quality rice Tainan 16

“Tainan 16” is the National Taiwan University brand rice, which will be planted on the campus, according to the university. Arisen from the genomes selection, Tainan 16, the mixed breeding of Japanese Koshihikari and Tainung 67, is the exquisite rice, which is created to have good texture and suitable for Taiwan environment.

Tainan 16 is cultivated by Lin Yann-rong, an associate professor of College of Bioresources and Agriculture of NTU, Chen Cheng-sheng, a graduate student of NTU and Chen Rong-kuen, an associate researcher of Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station. The students and staff of College of Agriculture planted the Tainan No. 16 on the farm in the campus today, and proudly said that every seedling on the farm of NTU was Tainan 16.

Lin Yann-rong said Tainan 16 has a springy texture and a good appearance after cooking, and the appearance of every grain is transparent. Tainan 16 is very fit for organic planting because it’s not appropriate for Tainan 16 to have too much fertilizer.

Adopting the new skill of genome detection, NTU group shortens the period of selecting quality seedlings from 8 years to 2 years. The whole cultivation period lasts around five-and-a-half year, which saves half the time of the traditional planting.

Everyone knows that Japanese Koshihikari is the quality rice, but it is not accustomed to Taiwan agricultural environment, so it is not an option for peasants of Taiwan. After the research, NTU group developed Tainan 16, which combined with both merits of Koshihikari and Tainung 67. It is not only having a fabulous texture but also is fitting for Taiwan environment with the ability of high yielding.

In the future, Tainan 16 will be marketed by the brand of National Taiwan University, and can be a gift for foreign guests.

Updated : 2021-09-17 09:27 GMT+08:00