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Ex-military intelligence officer questioned about spying for China

Suspects might have passed identity Taiwanese agents on to Beijing

Ex-military intelligence officer questioned about spying for China

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – At least one retired military intelligence officer was being questioned Wednesday on suspicion of having betrayed names of Taiwanese agents to China.
Taiwan’s military has been repeatedly plagued by present and former officers who pass on secrets to China either for money or for ideological reasons.
In the latest case, former Major Wang Tsung-wu, an accomplice identified as ex-Colonel Lin Han and four witnesses were being questioned by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office while six locations had been raided and searched, reports said.
Media reports hinted that Wang might have revealed the names of active Taiwanese intelligence agents working in China to the communist authorities, an offense punishable by prison sentences between three and ten years.
Wang reportedly served as an agent in China for four or five years, but it was during a visit there in 2013 after his retirement that he was targeted by Chinese intelligence officials and asked to set up a spy ring in Taiwan, reports said. He apparently went about his task so fast that Taiwanese intelligence soon became aware of his efforts. The Chinese paid both Wang and Lin with free trips to Southeast Asia, while a search of accounts owned by the two turned up US$100,000 (NT$3.1 million) each.
Wednesday morning, Taipei prosecutors and the national security unit at the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau searched the homes and offices of Wang and Lin, who had been recruited by Wang later, and took in four witnesses to question in connection with possible violations of the National Security Act, reports said.
The Ministry of National Defense said the former officer’s activities had been uncovered by the military intelligence service itself, showing that progress had been made in the military’s counterespionage efforts.
Officials said Wang had nothing to do with Zhen Xiaojiang, a retired Chinese military officer who set up a spy ring of his own. Five Taiwanese, including a former army major general and an ex-air force colonel, were indicted last January after they were suspected of having passed on sensitive information about radar installations, aircraft and other technological developments to China in return for financial benefits, including free trips to Southeast Asia.
In the newest case, Wang had been spotted traveling to Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, reports said.

Updated : 2021-09-27 01:05 GMT+08:00