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Tapes surface of 'Jihadi John' talking about UK scrutiny

Audio tapes surface with 'Jihadi John' talking about scrutiny from UK security services

Tapes surface of 'Jihadi John' talking about UK scrutiny

LONDON (AP) -- Audio tapes have surfaced in which a man identified as "Jihadi John" complains about scrutiny from British intelligence services.

The tapes contained a man identified as Mohammed Emwazi describing to the Muslim advocacy group CAGE his encounters with British agents in 2009.

They were played by the BBC Tuesday and discussed on-air by CAGE research director Asim Qureshi.

On the tape, Emwazi described how a British agent called Nick purportedly threatened him and accused him of trying to travel to Somalia to join terrorists there.

Emwazi's comments are very similar to complaints made in emails from him that CAGE released earlier.

British security officials have not commented on Emwazi, who last week was revealed to be the masked Islamic State figure who has appeared in a number of beheading videos.

Updated : 2021-09-23 09:57 GMT+08:00