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Kennedy Center presents Picasso’s unnoticed ceramics

Kennedy Center presents Picasso’s unnoticed ceramics

The world-famous artist Pablo Picasso has long renowned for his paintings and sculptures, but his other crafted masterpieces have rarely noticed by visitors- ceramics, which were created late in his career that reflected his Mediterranean and Spanish roots.

Now the exhibition of Picasso’s ceramics is making U.S. debut as the centerpiece of a new Iberian arts festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington. Curators brought together more than 140 pieces to showcase his work because many people don’t know Picasso the ceramist, and curators hope visitors can see and know a different Picasso.

Picasso’s approach was a departure from the centuries-old traditions of smooth and polished ceramics as he created his own shapes in clay and employed his own colorful painting style. As a ceramist, Picasso would transform traditional clay shapes, such as a water jug farmers would take into the fields. While living much of his life on the French Riviera and vowing not to return to Spain under its fascist regime, Picasso idealizes his homeland, curators said. His ceramics provide a window into Picasso's deep attachment to Mediterranean culture. The artist died in 1973 without ever returning to Spain.

The exhibition of "Picasso, Ceramist and the Mediterranean" will be on view from March 4-22, and the Iberian arts festival “Iberian Suite: Global Arts Remix" will also feature theater, music, dance, design and fashion from Spain, Portugal and the regions they have influenced around the world for centuries.

Updated : 2021-09-18 20:47 GMT+08:00