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Guishan Island to open to 1000 visitors daily

Guishan Island to open to 1000 visitors daily

Passengers on TRA trains and motorists traveling along the northeast coast of Taiwan catch a variety of tantalizing views of Guishandao or “Turtle Island” offshore north of Ilan, making many anxious for a closer look at the alluring island. The season for visiting the island opened March 1, and now 1000 persons a day are allowed to register to travel to the island during the day.

The winter months can be cruel on Taiwan’s northeast coast thanks to the blustery winds and frequent rains that come with the northeast monsoon. Tides and waves can be treacherous, and seaborne garbage litters the beaches around the small island, thus the government has waited until March 1 to open up the area to day visitors. The island will be open until November 30, and the hours at 9:00AM- 16:00PM, with later closing times of 17:00PM in June-August.

During the just-concluded 228 holiday crews and supervisors from the recreation area agency spent a good deal of time cleaning up the beaches and pathways on Kweishan to make the visits more enjoyable for boaters, fishing enthusiasts and other visitors chafing to see this pristine area and its unique ecological environment. An island tourist service center and public toilet have been cleaned and fixed up to serve the daily quota of 1000 visitors.

Director Fang Cheng-kuang recommends that those who pay a visit to Guiishan Island or take a boat ride to enjoy a day of watching for dolphins and whales go to the Lan Yang Museum further up the coast afterwards. They can also stop in for a piping hot cup of coffee at the yellow service building or the hilltop Castle Coffee nearby to drink in the view of the island. These are also fine seafood restaurants situated in the harbor area, and if you have time you can continue north and tour one of the region’s many ecological leisure farms for a restful and relaxing holiday.

Other sites worth investigating in a trip to the area include Toucheng’s Old Street, Beiguan Farm and Crab Museum, Toucheng Farm and Leo’s Museum. There are also many extreme sports opportunities including surfing and paragliding in spots along the coastline.

Updated : 2021-09-23 16:34 GMT+08:00