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FIFA wary on video tech, calling it 'biggest decision ever'

FIFA wary of allowing referees to defer to video replays, calling it 'biggest decision ever'

FIFA wary on video tech, calling it 'biggest decision ever'

HOLYROOD, Northern Ireland (AP) -- There is no prospect of referees being allowed to defer to video replays soon, with soccer's rule-makers saying more information on the technology is required before in-game trials can go ahead.

Although the International Football Association Board took the groundbreaking decision in 2012 to allow high-tech aids to rule on disputed goals, the FIFA panel won't rush into expanding the use of technology.

The Dutch federation has been testing technology where officials watching on television could feed live information to referees but there now won't be official trials.

FIFA is cautious about allowing technology to help to decide on such decisions as red cards and penalties.

FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke says "it's a question of making the biggest decision ever in the way football is played."

Updated : 2021-09-26 09:03 GMT+08:00