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Egypt: 3 arrested over grisly dog killing

Egypt: 3 arrested over grisly killing of dog captured on video

Egypt: 3 arrested over grisly dog killing

CAIRO (AP) -- Egyptian security officials say three men have been arrested in connection with an online video showing a group of men stabbing and bludgeoning a dog to death on a busy Cairo street.

The video, which surfaced Thursday, triggered an avalanche of angry comments on social media expressing horror at the killing and berating onlookers who stood by and watched.

The dog's owner, Mohammed Sayed, told a TV talk show Wednesday night that he had handed over the dog to the men to settle a long-running dispute. The case is rooted in an incident several months ago when the dog, named Max, bit eight people during an argument between Sayed and his neighbors.

Updated : 2021-09-23 15:27 GMT+08:00