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Argentine gov't criticizes Justice Department ahead of march

Argentine government executive branch criticizes Justice Department ahead of silent march

Argentine gov't criticizes Justice Department ahead of march

BUENOS AIRES (AP) -- The Argentine government's executive branch criticized the country's Justice Department on Wednesday, the latest verbal barb ahead of a protest being organized by investigating attorneys demanding answers in the mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

The Justice Department "works on a corporative strategy with a tendency toward political destabilization," Cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich told reporters.

"Prosecutors and judges act based on a strategy to permanently harass the executive branch," he said.

The seemingly odd criticism comes at a time of increasing tension as President Cristina Fernandez's government has struggled to confront a growing institutional crisis since Nisman was found shot dead on Jan. 18.

The next day, Nisman, 51, planned to take to Congress his allegations that Fernandez and others in her administration reached a secret deal with Iran to shield officials allegedly involved in the 1994 bombing of Jewish community center. Fernandez has denied the allegations.

All the major opposition parties have said they plan to participate in the Wednesday afternoon march.

Updated : 2021-09-19 20:28 GMT+08:00