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Myanmar gov't says 3 more groups join fighting in north

Myanmar's government says 3 more ethnic rebel groups join fighting in northeastern Shan State

Myanmar gov't says 3 more groups join fighting in north

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- Myanmar's government has accused three more ethnic rebel groups of being involved in armed clashes in northeastern Shan state, where a week of fighting against Kokang rebels has left dozens of soldiers dead and sent tens of thousands of refugees fleeing to neighboring China.

State television announced Wednesday night that Kokang rebel attacks against government troops were continuing near Laukkai, the capital of the Kokang special region. It also accused the Kachin Independence Army, the Shan State Army (South) and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army of being involved in the fighting. A Kachin spokesman denied launching any attacks in the area.

The government on Tuesday announced imposition of a 90-day state of emergency and military administration for Kokang, where more than 50 government troops have been killed in combat recently.

Updated : 2021-09-26 05:14 GMT+08:00