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Eric Chu denies he will ask Lee Teng-hui to rejoin KMT

Eric Chu denies he will ask Lee Teng-hui to rejoin KMT

EKMT Chairman and New Taipei City Mayor Eric Liluan Chu confirmed Monday that he plans to call on former President Lee Teng-hui and People First Party Chairman James Soong sometime during the Chinese New Year holidays. He denied media reports that he would take advantage of his visit to Lee to invite him to rejoin the KMT, from which he was expelled in September 2001. Chu called such rumors a "figment of reporters’ imagination." At the same time he stressed that the KMT is open to all elders and he welcomes one and all with an open heart. After all, he said, we are all members of the same family.

One Chinese-language newspaper reported Tuesday that when Chu visited Lee in late January the two talked about constitutional reform, KMT party assets and other issues. The paper said that during the visit Chu invited Lee to return to the KMT but the offer was rejected by Lee.

Chu told reporters after a meeting of the New Taipei City government that he was very surprised by the newspaper article. He said that any discussions he might have with either Lee or Soon would be limited to topics related to the national interest such as current economic problems or needed reforms in government. He stressed that he would visit the two former KMT members only to seek their opinions and advice.

Chu said there would be many things to talk about after the New Year holidays are past including the 2016 elections and other topics. He added that he would speak to the author of the newspaper article in question if he has the opportunity.

Updated : 2021-09-19 04:50 GMT+08:00