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Scotland World Cup player's Everest claim too steep

Scotland World Cup captain makes molehill out of teammate's Everest claim

Scotland World Cup player's Everest claim too steep

DUNEDIN, New Zealand (AP) -- Scotland captain Preston Mommsen has finally put the record straight. The most-impressive and oft-quoted fact about his team is just not true.

The Scotland players are far from household names and when journalists and broadcasters have looked for an illuminating biographical fact about the team, they light on the same one: all rounder Iain Wardlaw has climbed Mount Everest.

Would that it were true.

Mommsen cleared the air Monday, saying "there's been a lot of press around that he's climbed Mount Everest. That indeed is not true."

Wardlaw made the claim as a joke early in his career and Mommsen said it had since "been published all over the world."

He said the Scots were "a pretty boring bunch, really. No, we're straight down the line Scotsmen."

Updated : 2021-09-27 22:13 GMT+08:00