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Neil Peng to challenge Wu Yu-sheng in 2016

Neil Peng to challenge Wu Yu-sheng in 2016

Script writer, author and erstwhile Taipei mayoral candidate Neil Peng Sunday held a press conference to announce his candidacy for the Legislative Yuan in 2016, aimed at unseating incumbent KMT Legislator Wu Yu-sheng. Peng noted that Wu was one of the three legislators originally targeted by the Appendectomy Project, a recall movement which failed at two different stages, culminating in an unsuccessful vote against KMT legislator Alex Tsai on Saturday. Peng said that if legislators like Wu cannot be removed using the referendum tool, he will work to see that they are kept out of office by running against one in the regular elections.

Peng’s press conference also featured New Taipei City Councilor He Bo-wen, director Ke I-chen and Academia Sinica researcher Huang Kuo-chang. Peng added that he plans to resign his post as an at-large Taipei City Councilor in order to participate in the race in 2016.

Peng added that he will move out of his residence in Da-an District of Taipei and set up in one of the areas in Wu’s constituency, which covers Bali, Sanchi, Shimen, Linkou, Taishan, and Tamsui. Peng stressed that one of his motives for eyeing the race was to ensure that the KMT will not hold more than half the seats in the Legislative Yuan.

A phone call from Peng to Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je Saturday informing Ko that he planned to stand for election and contest Wu’s seat drew a surprised laugh from the mayor. Peng told Ko that he has the greatest respect for candidates put forward by the DPP and other parties and does not rule out working in conjunction with candidates in other races.

He Bo-wen, who once lost a race in the constituency being eyed by Peng, told reporters that democracy is like a relay race. He said he had always believed that he would pass his political legacy on to someone in their 20s or 30s, never once thinking he might be handing it on to a man in his 60s. He tempered that remark by noting that Peng has the energy and momentum of a 16-year-old, and called on supporters to back Peng and his political ambitions.

Huang Kuo-chang pointed out that the 2016 legislative elections will be critical to the future of Taiwan. He said that in recent years Taiwan has seen the rise of emerging social forces, but their success has been hampered by the actions of legislators and others who are opposed to progress and change. He said he is heartened to see candidates like Neil Peng planning to throw their hats in the ring in future legislative elections.

Updated : 2021-09-19 05:02 GMT+08:00