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At a Glance: Cybersecurity powerhouse FireEye

Snapshot of cybersecurity firm FireEye: the numbers, a timeline

At a Glance: Cybersecurity powerhouse FireEye

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Important dates and figures in the history of cybersecurity firm FireEye:

2004: Company founded by Ashar Aziz, a former Sun Microsystems engineer.

2006: Introduced first product, a computing network appliance for identifying malware.

2012: Board Chairman David DeWalt becomes CEO.

2013: Company has initial public stock offering.

2014: Buys Mandiant, another security firm, in a cash and stock deal valued at $1 billion.

2014 2013

Number of employees 2,418 1,679

Customers in 4Q 3,130 2,028

Fiscal year revenue $425.7M $161.6M

Fiscal year losses $443.8M $120.6M


Closing price Wednesday: $35.69

All-time high: $97.35 in March 2014

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