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NTSB joining investigation of TransAsia crash

NTSB joining investigation of TransAsia crash

Taiwan’s Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) has announced that it will participate in the investigation of the crash of TransAsia Flight GE235 last Wednesday in Taipei. Wang Hsing-chung, CEO of the FSF, said Wednesday that the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has also become involved in the investigation, focusing on aspects such as the main propeller control system and whether it may have been a factor in the incident.

The FSF will look into information obtained from the ATR-72’s black box recorders which indicates that although the right or number two engine on the aircraft emitted a signal indicating it had stalled, the engine was still turning but with no power. At the same time, the left or number one engine appeared to be functioning normally but was turned off.

Wang said the FSF will look into exactly why the number one engine was turned off even though it appeared to be operating properly, as well as who turned it off. It will also follow the actions of technicians in dismantling and re-assembling both of the engines to determine whether there were any structural or functional problems.

Wang said that as the propellers for the two engines were produced in the US, the NTSB has also been asked to take part in the investigation through an authorized representative.

Domestic agencies involved in the investigation of the ATR-72 and Flight GE235 now include the Civil Aeronautics Authority of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and TransAsia Airways; while foreign agencies include the French accident investigation bureau BEA, the French-Italian aircraft manufacturing company ATR, the Canadian accident investigation bureau TSB, Transport Canada, and Pratt & Whitney Canada, the company which built the ATR-72 engines.

As 31 of the 58 people on board Flight GE235 were tourists from mainland China, Beijing has also sent three persons from China’s Aviation Accident Investigation Center to Taiwan to participate in the investigation.

Wang said the Chinese team will primarily be involved in conducting interviews of survivors among the mainland tourists on the flight.

Updated : 2021-09-25 18:31 GMT+08:00