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KMT to sue talk show figure over money laundering charges

KMT to sue talk show figure over money laundering charges

Recently political commentator Hu Chung-hsin has repeatedly alleged publicly that after the 2012 presidential election the KMT remitted NT$600 million to a party diplomatic official abroad, noting that the precise channel is unknown. Hu has challenged President Ma Ying-jeou to explain whether money laundering overseas was involved in the transfer of funds.

On Sunday KMT spokesman Chen Yi-hsin called for Hu to produce evidence immediately to back up his charges and stop spreading false rumors. Otherwise, said Chen, the KMT will call for a judicial investigation and hold Hu accountable for making false charges.

Chen noted that NT$600 million is not a small sum, and any remittance that large would have created a paper trail of evidence. Chen said no such incident has taken place after Ma Ying-jeou took over as KMT Chairman. He asked Hu to refrain from making empty accusations and couching his charges in ways that avoid words that show responsibility. He asked Hu to respond directly by revealing any evidence and sources he may have regarding the charges for the judiciary and the public to see.

Chen pointed out that the annual revenues and expenditures of the KMT are listed in the Financial Statements of the political party. The party’s annual accounting figures are approved by the party Central Standing Committee and forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior each year. In addition, all data is fully disclosed on the Internet. In particular, in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections the party made a total of about NT$430 million in subsidy payments, he said, all of which were reported by the party in its annual report of expenditures.

Updated : 2021-09-27 10:26 GMT+08:00