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Medical parole extension eyed for Chen Shui-bian

Medical parole extension eyed for Chen Shui-bian

Chen Shun-sheng, Deputy Director of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial and deputy convener of the medical team for former President Chen Shui-bian, said Wednesday that Chen has made some progress during the one month that he has been receiving treatment and rehabilitation at home in Kaohsiung. Chen Shun-sheng said the grip in Chen’s left hand has improved slightly and suggested that the next areas of concern during his rehabilitation program should center on dealing with problems with osteoporosis and ensuring that he gets fresh air and sun.

Chen said the Ministry of Justice will announce a decision soon on whether Chen Shui-bian will be allowed to continue receiving medical treatment at home. The former president was said to be relieved to hear that a decision is about to be made and thanked the deputy director for his care and concern.

Chen said Chen Shui-bian has more or less adapted to the home environment but so far his interaction has been limited largely to family members. As his treatment continues, the medical team recommends that he be exposed to a wider variety of stimuli such as visits to museums or galleries or brief family outings under the supervision of authorities.

Chen Shui-bian's son Chen Chih-cheng said the possibility of a three-month extension of the medical parole is the best news his father has had in six years. He noted that having the elder Chen at home for the Lunar New Year would be an extraordinary experience for the entire family.

Asked what his father might like to eat during the New Year holiday, Chen said the former president is not picky. He likes fish, and that definitely will be one item on the table. The most important thing, however, is not what he will be eating but rather that the whole family including Chen’s mother can be together for the holiday.

Chen Chih-chung cautioned that his father’s latest medical report shows that his condition is still serious and he is still in need of long-term treatment. In particular, he said, long-term debilitation of his leg muscles means that he cannot stand for extended periods and must rely on using a cane when he tries to walk at home or do exercises as part of rehabilitation.

Chen Chih-chung noted that his father has been in a much better mood recently, adding that "regular doses of his grandson" are the best medicine he has had during his rehabilitation.

Updated : 2021-09-21 04:37 GMT+08:00