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Officials agree on measures after aviation calamities

Officials look to introduce measures after last year's aviation calamities

Officials agree on measures after aviation calamities

MONTREAL (AP) -- A United Nations agency is hoping to quickly introduce new measures to keep closer tabs on planes following last year's disappearance of a flight over Asia.

The International Civil Aviation Organization laid out a proposal Tuesday to improve the tracking of long-haul passenger flights by fall 2015. It also presented delegates at a conference in Montreal with a plan to exchange information about flying over conflict zones.

The high-level meeting, only the second in the ICAO's 70-year history, was called after a tragic year for air travel. Government and aviation industry officials from dozens of countries were in attendance.

A Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared last March and still hasn't been found, while another Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down in July while flying over an area of Ukraine where ethnic Russian rebels are trying to secede.

Under the proposal to better track flights, airlines would be required to report their whereabouts every 15 minutes.

Updated : 2021-09-25 19:41 GMT+08:00