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China Times: Critical tasks for DPP's Tsai, KMT's Chu

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen (???), the party's most likely candidate for the 2016 presidential election, is planning to visit the United States later this year. In trying to return her party to power, a critical issue that she and the DPP must deal with is ensuring that its cross-strait policy can make people feel safe and secure, and that such a policy is acceptable to both the United States and China. Undoubtedly, obtaining the support of Washington is an important hurdle that Taiwan's presidential candidates must overcome. Tsai's 2012 presidential campaign included a U.S. trip, but her failure to gain Washington's support ahead of the election is considered an important factor behind her defeat. Tsai is not expected to see any breakthroughs during her next U.S. trip, since the DPP has not made any significant progress in its cross-strait policy over the past four years. The DPP needs to realize that unless it is able to present a policy that is tolerable to Beijing, Washington will not possibly believe in the DPP's ability to bring about peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, nor can people in Taiwan rest assured of the country's security and economic prosperity. Ruling Kuomintang Chairman Eric Chu (???), on the other hand, should arrange a visit to China to allow Beijing to understand his commitments toward cross-strait relations. (Editorial abstract -- Jan. 31, 2015) (By Y.F. Low)

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