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Taipei opens talks about the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Taipei opens talks about the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The new Taipei City Government continued to review existing projects by holding talks Friday with Taipei New Horizon about the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, formerly known as the Songshan Tobacco Factory.
Since being sworn in on December 25, Mayor Ko Wen-je ordered the reassessment of several Build-Operate-Transfer projects with major corporations, sometimes embroiling him in public disputes with powerful tycoons.
A delegation headed by Cultural Affairs Commissioner Ni Chung-hwa sat down with Taipei New Horizon CEO Li Chen-hua Friday afternoon to discuss the future development of the cultural complex, close to the more controversial Taipei Dome. The main feature of the creative park was built by the Japanese colonial government in 1937 as a state-owned tobacco factory, but now houses exhibition halls, boutiques, a design museum, book stores and other culture-related enterprises.
Taipei New Horizon is seen as a representative of powerful Fubon Financial Holdings, chaired by Daniel Tsai, a tycoon with interests in retail, media and telecom as well as banking and insurance services.
After an hour of talks, there was no agreement about financial matters but the city said a consensus had been reached about a possible future “adaptation of the enterprise structure,” apparently meaning the presence of certain businesses in the park area.
Taipei New Horizon said it would take back the ideas and suggestions voiced at the meeting to more senior management.
Before the meeting started, Ni said that at the mayor’s request, the discussions would be peaceful and would not focus on financial disputes but on urban development and on the project’s impact on the surrounding area.
Li replied that the company would be happy to comply with any requests the city government might have which would benefit society at large.
During a visit to the area, Ko criticized Fubon for mixing in too much business with the culture because of the presence of clothing stores and electronics vendors having no direct link to cultural activities.
The new mayor has had major run-ins with Farglory Group Chairman Chao Teng-hsiung about the Taipei Dome contract and with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Chairman Terry Gou about the Syntrend project.
Talks are still expected to take place to resolve differences of opinion about events which largely took place during the administration of Ko’s predecessor, Mayor Hau Lung-bin.

Updated : 2021-09-22 14:28 GMT+08:00