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A timeline of Suge Knight's legal and medical troubles

A timeline of Suge Knight's legal and medical troubles over the past 20 years

A timeline of Suge Knight's legal and medical troubles

A look at Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight's troubles over the past 20 years:

-- 1996: After badly beating a rival with Tupac Shakur at a Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel shortly before Shakur suffered fatal gunshot wounds, Knight was sent to prison for nearly five years.

-- 2002: Knight was jailed for violating his probation by associating with gang members in Los Angeles, California.

-- 2003: After punching a parking lot attendant outside a Hollywood nightclub, Knight was jailed on a parole violation.

-- 2005: During an MTV Video Music Awards pre-party in Miami, Florida, Knight was shot in the leg. No arrests were made.

-- 2006: Death Row Records filed for bankruptcy and a Los Angeles judge ordered its takeover by a trustee because of gross mismanagement.

-- 2009: Following a fight at a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, Knight was hospitalized for treatment of face injuries.

-- 2013: Knight was arrested on an outstanding warrant and later released after being pulled over for a traffic violation in Los Angeles.

-- 2014: Ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards, Knight was shot during an altercation at a Hollywood nightclub at a party not affiliated with the cable network.

-- 2014: Knight was charged with a robbery involving a camera theft in Beverly Hills. He pleaded not guilty and faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted.

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