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2016 elections tentatively set for January 16

2016 elections tentatively set for January 16

The Central Election Committee (CEC) announced Wednesday that the date for the 2016 combined elections for president and the Legislative Yuan has been set for January 16, 2016. The CEC’s decision is based on surveys of public opinion on receptiveness to a consolidated election and a report on the results of its assessment will be released when a final decision on the election is made February 16.

The CEC also asked the Ministry of Interior for confirmation that the number of eligible voters for the next presidential election will increase by 1.07 million, the majority of which will be "first-time voters".

CEC officials note that polls conducted by the commission indicate that about 67% of voters in Taiwan support bundling the elections for president and the Legislative Yuan into a single consolidated election. Informal Internet opinion surveys are also favorable to the move, with comments saying that merging the elections would be good for social and economic development, adding that there is no rational reason for maintaining separate dates for the two classes of offices.

Attitudes toward merging the two elections seem to vary according to the size and strength of the voters’ party affiliations. KMT members tended to say they would respect the CEC’s decision while DPP members only asked whether there are any other aspects that need to be addressed. Opposition to the combined election came largely from members of smaller parties such as the People First Party and the Taiwan Solidarity Union.

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