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Prosecutors oppose 3rd request to move Tsarnaev trial

Federal prosecutors oppose 3rd request by defense to move Boston Marathon bombing trial

Prosecutors oppose 3rd request to move Tsarnaev trial

BOSTON (AP) -- Prosecutors are opposing a new request by lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to move his trial.

The government said Wednesday that a partial analysis of completed juror questionnaires cited by the defense doesn't support its Jan. 22 argument that too many are prejudiced and an impartial jury can't be found in eastern Massachusetts.

Tsarnaev's lawyers had said 68 percent who filled out questionnaires already believe Tsarnaev is guilty, and 69 percent said they had some connection to the bombing.

Prosecutors noted 60 percent also said they could set aside their opinions. And they argued that appeals courts have seldom held that prejudice should be presumed without individual questioning of jurors.

U.S. District Judge George O'Toole Jr. has rejected two earlier requests to move the trial.

Jury selection resumes Thursday.

Updated : 2021-09-20 06:25 GMT+08:00