Admiral Kao Kuang-chi succeeds Yen Ming as defense minister

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Defense Minister Yen Ming retired and was succeeded by Chief of the General Staff Admiral Kao Kuang-chi, the Presidential Office announced Tuesday.
Yen, who took office in August 2013, resigned for personal career reasons and withstood numerous attempts by President Ma Ying-jeou to make him stay, reports said.
Yen will receive the title of national policy adviser to continue and let the nation benefit from his experience, a statement said.
Kao became chief of the general staff in August 2013, after serving as acting defense minister for a short time following the resignation of Defense Minister Andrew Yang.
Army chief Yen Te-fa will succeed Kao as chief of the general staff, the Presidential Office also announced Tuesday. He reportedly played a crucial role in the relief effort following Typhoon Morakot, which created widespread death and havoc in southern Taiwan in August 2009.
Kao’s promotion also triggered a widespread reshuffle of other key military jobs. The new Navy chief, Lee Hsi-ming, was reportedly an expert on the submarine issue. Taiwan has for years been trying to procure submarines from overseas, but pressure for China has made that nearly impossible, leading the government to consider trying to build one domestically.
The personnel changes would become effective on January 30, the Ministry of National Defense said.