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Ko Wen-je lauds police in capture of Chen Fu-hsiang

Ko Wen-je lauds police in capture of Chen Fu-hsiang

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je presented a bonus to police units involved in the search for and arrest of alleged killer Chen Fu-hsiang Saturday. The mayor praised police efforts in tracking down the underworld figure while calling for a review of their actions in order to help speed up responses in future cases.

Ko raised the hackles of police at all levels with his first comments on the capture of Chen, telling reporters that ‘the police knew his name, so why did it take so long to catch him?”

He sought to smooth over feelings of resentment by going early Sunday morning to Wanhua where he presented a bonus of NT$600,000 to police units involved in the search and arrest. He explained that the controversy over his earlier remarks was a misunderstanding and sought to clarify his intended message. He emphasized that he had not been blaming the police for their actions; he simply hoped they would be able to find ways to do even better in the future.

Ko’s initial comments led to widespread grumbling in the ranks after they were reported in the media. One officer was heard to complain, "If he thinks he can do better, let him try catching someone the next time!"

Ko arrived at the Wanhua Branch at 10am Sunday, where he offered words of encouragement to the ad hoc group involved in tracking down Chen and presented the bonus to Taipei Chief of Police Chiu Feng-kuang for the Wanhua Branch, the Criminal Investigation Corps, the Taoyuan City Police and other police units who assisted in the search and capture operations.

Ko noted that the officers involved should be rewarded promptly for their contributions in the chase rather than “having to wait for six months”. He said he has read a report from the Taipei City Police Department on the case and now realizes how police work was held up by red tape like the need to wait two days to obtain a permit to tap phone lines. He noted that such delays can affect the timeliness and efficiency of police units and suggested a review of the way similar requests are handled in the future.

Ko stressed that he will pay close attention to reviews and reports from the police regarding this case and others to identify areas where improvements can be made. He presented the bonus to Chief of Police Chiu and remained for about half an hour afterwards to shake hands and pose for pictures with police officials and others involved in the Chen Fu-hsiang case.

Updated : 2021-09-21 15:34 GMT+08:00