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Chen Fu-hsiang held incommunicado after arrest

Chen Fu-hsiang held incommunicado after arrest

Chen Fu-hsiang, who was taken into custody by police in Taoyuan Saturday after 12 days on the run following his alleged slaying of two men in a drug deal in a Ximending parking garage, is now being held incommunicado as police work to learn more details about the execution-style killing of the two men and the whereabouts of drugs, money and weapons related to the incident.

Officials have said there had been reports that Chen was sighted in Taoyuan they were unable to pinpoint his location. They traced his general whereabouts by tracking the signal from a cellphone he used to visit pornographic websites and gradually were able to zero in on the apartment where he was holed up.

Chen has reportedly admitted killing the two men, both surnamed Chen but not related to each other, but police are highly skeptical about what he is saying about the drug deal involved and what has happened to the more than NT$4 million that changed hands. Concerned that Chen might try to have evidence destroyed or collude with associates on a story, a judge has ruled that Chen be held incommunicado until investigators can establish more facts in the case.

Chen appeared considerably more chastened early Sunday as he was escorted by a court official and heavily armed police to a van for transfer back to the detention center. He wore a baseball cap and face mask and kept his head bowed low in front of media and their cameras. Three heavily armed SWAT officers shadowed Chen all the way as more than a dozen police officers stood nearby in a tense transfer.

While known as a dangerous gunman and enforcer for underground gangs, Chen has been subdued and compliant since being taken into custody. Police say that when he was given a lunch box of braised pork he ate quietly and even shed tears, presumably pondering his life of violence and realizing that his life is now in the hands of others.

Updated : 2021-09-27 04:13 GMT+08:00