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Ex-President Chen indicted for money laundering

Ex-President Chen indicted for money laundering

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Former President Chen Shui-bian was indicted Friday on money-laundering charges related to a NT$10 million (US$319,000) payment by former Taipei 101 Chairwoman Diana Chen in return for her appointment at a securities firm.
The former president went home on medical parole last January 5 after serving six years of a 20-year sentence for corruption.
Chen and his wife, Wu Shu-jen, were already sentenced to eight years in prison each for accepting the money from Diana Chen, no relation of the ex-president, but Friday’s indictment accused him and his wife of laundering the payment. Wu gave the money to her brother to put into an account while the ex-president was seen as an accomplice, prosecutors said.
The Taipei District Prosecutors Office reportedly requested its colleagues in Kaohsiung, where the Chen family lives, to question Wu about the case, but she refused because she was unable to appear for medical reasons, reports said.
Diana Chen received a suspended sentence for perjury after she changed her story and claimed the money she paid to the former first couple was a political donation and not a bribe.
Prosecutors are also still investigating a separate case involving the planned takeover of Chang Hwa Commercial Bank by Taishin Financial Holding Co. The Chen Administration was accused of allowing mergers in the financial sectors in return for payments.
After a long and arduous process, a medical review team concluded last month that the former president’s health was so poor he should be released on medical parole, allowing him to stay at home to receive the appropriate care. The Ministry of Justice’s Agency of Corrections agreed and freed him from the Taichung Prison on January 5, allowing him to head home to Kaohsiung.
However, according to the MOJ, the parole is only valid for one month. Since that period expires on February 4, the Taichung Prison reportedly already contacted Chen to tell him it would send a representative to Kaohsiung at the end of this month to see if he was fit to return. Medical parole can reportedly be extended for up to three months.

Updated : 2021-09-28 21:27 GMT+08:00