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Human rights activists hail pardon for Salvadoran woman

Rights activists laud pardon for Salvadoran woman imprisoned after apparent miscarriage

Human rights activists hail pardon for Salvadoran woman

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) -- Human rights activists are hailing a decision by El Salvador's congress to pardon a young woman who was convicted of killing her child after she said she suffered a miscarriage.

She was an 18-year-old domestic worker when she says she was raped. She says she miscarried and the fetus was stillborn.

When the woman sought treatment, a doctor alerted authorities and she was detained on suspicion of having had an abortion.

Salvadoran law prohibits abortions, including in the case of rape or when a woman's life is in danger. Prosecutors charged her with aggravated homicide, and she was sentenced in 2007 to 30 years.

The pardon was approved Wednesday by 43 of the 84 members of the Legislative Assembly.

Amnesty International on Thursday called it a "triumph of justice."

Updated : 2021-09-22 01:42 GMT+08:00