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Minister: Drops in French tourism to Tunisia

French tourism to Tunisia dropped in 2014, even before Paris attack, says minister

Minister: Drops in French tourism to Tunisia

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- Tunisia's tourism minister says the number of French visiting the country in 2014 dropped by 6 percent, compared to last year, a number that may worsen in 2015 following a rash of cancelations after a terrorist attack in Paris.

Amel Karboul told journalists that there were less French visitors in 2014, but an increase in German, Italian, British and Algerian tourists.

On the whole, while the total number of tourists dropped by 3.2 percent to just over 6 million compared to 2013, those that did come spent more money and there was a 6.4 percent rise in receipts.

Tourism arrivals and receipts are still well below 2010 before the revolution that overthrew the president and scared away tourists.

Tourism is a key part of the economy.

Updated : 2021-09-20 13:21 GMT+08:00