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The legend of Jinyun Yellow Tea

The legend of Jinyun Yellow Tea

In ancient Chinese mythology, Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor) took on a long-distance journey from the Yellow River all the way to the Yangtze River, better known in China as the Chang Jiang, to find a place called Jinyun in today’s Zhejiang Province for the purpose of performing alchemy to help his own country prosper.

With the assistance of Guang Chengzi and Rong Chengzi deities of Kongtong Mountain and Yellow Mountain respectively, Huang Di reached the site. Jinyun, in the ancient time, was a magical place with healing powers as well as a beautiful landscape, where many great deities dwelled to practice alchemy. Also in Taoist early texts, Jinyun was described as a sacred place for deities.

During the period of Huang Di’s practice of alchemy in Jinyun, he drank essence extracted from Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch, also known as Chinese liquorice, each day to gain energy for producing a miraculous panacea. After 36 days of arduous work, Huang Di eventually accomplished the difficult task, and at the point of completion, he ascended to the sky with strong positive energy generated from his alchemical work. Herbs nearby were affected and converted into a new type of tea leaf containing the most nutrients which were said to help people recover from illnesses and regain energy after drinking its brewed tea. The tea was then named “Yellow Tea” to commemorate the legend of Huang Di.

The features of Jinyun Yellow Tea

Jinyun Yellow Tea is known for its color of the brew—“three yellow and three green,” which is light golden-green and has a smooth, faintly sweet taste that soothes and comforts the throat. The proper brewing of teas can bring out pleasing aspects of the tea aroma lasting for a long period of time.

rocess of making and serving Jinyun Yellow Tea:

Gaiwan Brewing: The process of brewing Jinyun Yellow Tea in Gaiwan is the same as Tie Kuanyin Tea does, so to speak, using a Chinese lidded bowl for brewing teas. Kindly be reminded that the optimum brewing temperature should be between 85 and 90 degrees Celsius.

Using tea infuser: The first step is to place 3 to 5 grams of Jinyun Yellow tea leaves into the tea infuser, followed by placing the tea-packed infuser into an empty cup. The next step is to pour the slightly acidic pure water or mineral water that was already heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius into the cup. Don’t let the hot water go through the infuser directly. The fourth step is to have tea leaves brewed for two to three minutes. The fifth step is to remove the infuser along with tea leaves. The last step is to pour the freshly-brewed tea into the fairness cup for serving into the individual tasting cups. Each portion of tea can be refilled up to five times.

Using a glass tea cup: Portion 2-3 grams of tea leaves and place into a glass cup. Pour the slightly acidic pure water or mineral water that was already heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius into the glass tea cup. Wait for five minutes for brewing. Fill hot water into the cup as it was half-finished for the first round of tasting, and fill hot water into the cup as it was consumed one third of the cup so as to maintain its strong tea flavor.

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