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Ma Ying-jeou post-race pallor in November ‘no problem’

Ma Ying-jeou post-race pallor in November ‘no problem’

Presidential spokesperson Ma Wei-guo denied Wednesday that President Ma Ying-jeou was in any kind of trouble following a 5-kilometer road race on November 15 last year. An article in a weekly magazine claimed this week that Ma was suffering from shortness of breath, had trouble maintaining his pace and was staggering toward the end of the course. The article said that Ma leaned against one of the members of his security detail as aides and others quickly surrounded him and enquired about his well-being.

Ma was reportedly given oxygen and taken to his residence, where a subsequent check by a physician showed his blood pressure and pulse were normal and there were no irregularities. He was cleared for normal activities but told to dial back on his running regimen for a short while. The next day he took part in a campaign event for a KMT candidate and was immediately back to full speed in his daily schedule.

Ma is an avid runner who jogs almost daily and often takes part in middle-distance road races. He was taking part in the annual Terry Fox run when the incident allegedly took place.

Ma Weiguo said that Ma’s troubles that day apparently stemmed from inadequate warm-up before the run which resulted in a bit of discomfort in the waist and leg. She said the problem was temporary and was nothing to be concerned about and discounted media reports that Ma was "in shock" or had difficulty breathing. She flatly denied that he had been administered oxygen, emphasizing that he resumed his regular itinerary shortly afterward.

Ma Wei-guo added that Ma underwent a comprehensive health check June 14 last year at NTU Hospital, including a routine examination, X-rays, CT scan, abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, exercise ECG, lung function tests, and checks of his thyroid, heart, carotid artery and other possible areas of concern. Ma said that other than a slight knee condition, the president is in good physical condition with lung capacity and other physical conditions that are markedly higher than averages for his age group.

Updated : 2021-09-20 05:13 GMT+08:00