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Tunisian military court gives blogger 1 year in prison

Tunisian military court sentences blogger to 1 year in prison for insulting army

Tunisian military court gives blogger 1 year in prison

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- The defense lawyer of a Tunisian blogger says his client has been convicted of insulting the army and sentenced to one year in prison.

Attorney Samir Ben Amor said Tuesday his client Yassine Ayari was convicted of defaming the defense minister and top officers in posts on Facebook.

Ayari was originally convicted in absentia in November. He was retried when he returned to Tunisia from Paris in December.

His lawyer said the verdict was an attack on his freedom of expression.

Ayari was an anti-regime activist before the overthrow of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011 and continued his criticisms afterwards.

Tunisia's democratic transition since the revolution has remained on track but activists have warned about threats to freedoms.

Updated : 2021-09-22 02:38 GMT+08:00