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Taiwan, China eye research plan on regional economic integration

Taipei, Jan. 19 (CNA) Taiwan and China separately announced on Monday that they have begun discussions in Beijing on a research project to pursue further cross-Taiwan Strait economic cooperation and regional economic integration. Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said in a statement that it exchanged ideas with its Chinese counterpart, the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), on preparations for "joint research" on expanded cooperation between the two sides. They discussed the goals of the research and how it would proceed, the MAC said, arguing that such research would play a positive and proactive role in the two sides' economic development and cooperation in participating in regional economic cooperation. "Facing global economic liberalization and regionalization, Taiwan must accelerate efforts to take part in regional economic integration," the MAC said. The latest move is expected to create conditions that could benefit Taiwan in its bid to join regional trade blocs, the council said. TAO spokesman Ma Xiaoguang (???) made similar comments on the discussions, saying the two sides had exchanged views on the goals, principles, issues and steps to be taken related to the joint research project. Ma declined to disclose, however, when the "communications" took place and other relevant details. MAC chief Wang Yu-chi (???) and TAO chief Zhang Zhijun (???) agreed at an informal meeting in Beijing in November 2014 that the two sides should begin research as soon as possible on economic cooperation and Taiwan's bid to take part in regional economic integration. (By Yin Chun-chieh, Chou Hui-ying and Elizabeth Hsu)

Updated : 2021-09-22 12:48 GMT+08:00