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Eurostar trains running under Channel after smoke delays

Eurostar trains delayed but running through English Channel after smoke incident

Eurostar trains running under Channel after smoke delays

PARIS (AP) -- The Eurostar train service is resuming full service but experiencing delays, two days after smoky cargo caused a shutdown of traffic beneath the English Channel.

Eurostar warned of delays of about an hour on trains Monday.

Thousands of passengers were stranded or had their travel disrupted when all traffic on the Eurostar was halted Saturday. A smoky load on the back of a truck triggered an alarm, prompting a shutdown. Operators tried to resume service Sunday but were hit by a power failure.

A Eurostar spokeswoman said engineering work was being done on one of the three tunnel sections, affecting traffic Monday.

The tunnel carries passenger trains and freight trains and conveys road vehicles by rail from Britain to France and Belgium.

Updated : 2021-09-25 15:15 GMT+08:00