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Chen Fu-hsiang said disguised, seeking passage out of Taiwan

Chen Fu-hsiang said disguised, seeking passage out of Taiwan

Chen Fu-hsiang, who is suspected of shooting and killing two men in an ‘execution-style’ slaying last Tuesday, is still on the run after six days. Police said Monday that they have information that Chen was seen in Bali at the mouth of the Tamsui river on Saturday. He was reportedly wearing a checked shirt and glasses – despite 20/20 vision – and was said to have offered NT$1 million in cash to a boat owner to spirit him away from the island. Chen is reportedly familiar with police tactics and capabilities, and catching him could be a real challenge. In addition to changing his looks he has deliberately avoided contact with friends and family and appears to have planned his escape carefully.

One source has disclosed that more than a decade ago Chen loved to disguise himself as a student, an office worker or a stay-at-home, wearing glasses frames with no lenses and occasionally hiding out in residences with security guards at the entrance.

Police were able to trace Chen’s movements as far as Taoyuan following the shooting in Taipei’s Ximending area Tuesday but have not been able to pick up his tracks again. His BMW was found abandoned in Xinzhuang in New Taipei City on January 14 and is being examined for possible clues.

The police may not be alone in their search for Chen. He is said to have held on to both the drugs and the money involved in a NT$4 million deal for amphetamines, and the underworld has reportedly put a price of NT$6 million on his head. Once they learned of the reported reward, police warned gang members not to try to cash in on the offer.

37 years old and 180cm tall, Chen is said to be a member of the Bu Dao chapter of the Celestial Way gang in Taiwan. Known as “Brother Fu” to fellow gang members, he is regarded as a highly dangerous hitman who always carries two handguns.

While Chen is currently flush with cash, an intense police manhunt has made associates and friends wary about harboring him and he has been expected to try to make a sea passage across the Taiwan Strait. A tight watch has been placed on all traffic in and out of Keelung Port and the northern coast of Taiwan, with attention focused on Bali and the Tamsui River area following the reported sighting a couple of days ago.

Chen was released from prison in 2012 and other gang members had apparently been trying to help him get established in Taiwan’s underworld. Chen seems to have had other plans, however, taking advantage of a window in which he could act on his own and have both drugs and a bundle of cash in his possession.

Updated : 2021-09-19 02:09 GMT+08:00