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Germany's Frenzel wins 2nd Nordic combined WCup in 2 days

Germany's Frenzel beats Austria's Gruber to win 2nd Nordic combined World Cup in 2 days

Germany's Frenzel wins 2nd Nordic combined WCup in 2 days

SEEFELD, Austria (AP) -- Olympic champion Eric Frenzel of Germany won his second Nordic combined World Cup event in as many days Saturday after beating Austria's Bernhard Gruber on the final 100 meters of the 10-kilometer cross-country race.

Frenzel accelerated with the finish in sight and clocked 25 minutes, 54.7 seconds to beat Gruber by 2.9 seconds. Tino Edelmann of Germany placed third, 14.7 behind Frenzel.

Edelmann won the ski jumping portion and, after starting first, led the cross-country race for the first seven kilometers.

"It was really tough to come from behind and take the lead," Frenzel said.

Frenzel also won Friday's first event of the so-called Nordic Combined Triple, a format which combines the results of three straight competitions. Only the top-30 finishers of Saturday's event will be allowed to start in the final competition, which consists of two ski jumps and a 15K cross-country race.

Frenzel claimed the triple triumph last season when he won three days in a row.

Saturday's win was the 20th of Frenzel's career. He overtook fellow German Fabian Riessle, who finished sixth, on top of the standings. Frenzel, who is the two-time defending overall champion, has 421 points, followed by Riessle on 396 and Gruber on 322.

Updated : 2021-09-26 11:29 GMT+08:00