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Kaohsiung City Public Works official in bribery probe

Kaohsiung City Public Works official in bribery probe

Huang Chih-ming, Director of the Department of Building Affairs (DBA) in the Kaohsiung City Bureau of Public Works, disclosed Thursday that Deputy Director Lee Cheng-hsien of the DBA has been suspended on suspicion of taking bribes, and is being questioned by investigators in cooperation with his agency. Huang noted that other employees have been handed Lee’s responsibilities no public services will be affected.

Huang said that an audit of department accounts has been instituted and stressed that applications and bids concerning construction companies and other vendors will be reviewed to ensure that all operations are in accordance with the law. Chen Kuo-hsiung, Vice president of the Bureau of Public Works, is currently out on bail of NT$150,000. His records are also being checked, and if there are any irregularities in the issuing of permits they will be strictly handled. Huang emphasized that the bureau will not tolerate any kind of corruption among its employees.

Hung noted that all units in the bureau are fully cooperating with the Independent investigation. He said many of his colleagues have been questioned by prosecutors, adding that no problems have been found and prosecutors may return if they have more questions.

Investigators from the Agency Against Corruption reportedly searched the residence of Lee Cheng-hsien and seized suspected bribe funds of NT$1.02 million in cash and gift certificates worth NT$70,000 as well as luxury items including wine and about 200 gift boxes which were forwarded to prosecutors for use in their investigation.

Prosecutors have asked all business owners who may have information relevant to the charges against the suspect to come forward and present their evidence.

Updated : 2021-09-22 04:03 GMT+08:00