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Ko Wen-je says Chiu Feng-kwang eyed as new police chief

Ko Wen-je says  Chiu Feng-kwang eyed as new police chief

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je indirectly confirmed Tuesday that incumbent Taichung City Police Chief Chiu Feng-kwang is his preference as the new police chief for Taipei. Ko added that he will not make an official announcement on his choice until he receives notice from the National Police Agency (NPA) on the appointment. Ko noted that the requirements for the position were a rank of Police Supervisor Rank 2 or higher, age 61 or younger, and experience as a municipal police chief, saying that "after several looks, he was the only choice."

Asked about the slaying of two young men in a Ximending parking garage Tuesday, Ko said that for now he is leaving the matter up to the police. He pointed out that he trusts the Taipei police and their level of professionalism, and he will wait for a report on the killings before making a statement or taking any action. He noted that it is a single event and he will follow the case closely to confirm that it is an isolated incident

Ko said he police statistics show that Taipei police solved robbery cases at a rate of nearly one hundred percent, thus he does not want to put any pressure on them for cases like the one in Ximending. He noted that while current Chief of Police Huang Sheng-yung is set to retire, he still bears the principal responsibility for this case. He noted that he is confident that it will be handled with professionalism and care. He said he will not interfere with the police in their performance of their duties and will monitor the progress of the case.

Ko was asked if his attitude now was different from what he said in the past. He replied that his attitude was the same. He said that his statement that he would replace Xinyi District Supervisor Li Teh-wei if any more Falun Gong members were assaulted in front of Taipei 101 was the equivalent of an order, not a warning, and he had waited to see what the response would be. Ko said that as long as those under him perform well all he needs to do is monitor their actions and gauge the results.

Updated : 2021-09-26 23:55 GMT+08:00