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Story behind the smile of a Chinese fruit-selling lady

Story behind the smile of a Chinese fruit-selling lady

Li Ying-zhe is a daughter of Hubei, China. Years ago, she got married to her Taiwanese husband, after which she moved to Nantoi, and started selling grapes with her mother- in-law at a farmers’ market established by an association named Dream works of the Mei (梅子夢工廠) under the Xinyi Township Farmers Association.

Li said that she used to be a farmer too back in China, thus she had little difficulty adapting to the new life in Taiwan. The only pressure she had to face is the harvest. Li said that after a lot of work on the farm, the farmers would be very disappointed if the harvest turns out poor. However, even in such difficult times, Li said she at least has a husband who always stand by her side and share the hardships with her.

The Director of the Dream works of the Mei Association complimented Li for her working attitude, saying she is a hard-working and a very careful worker. Li deserves being the role model of the Chinese spouses in the area, the Director said.

Li said that while working at the market, she usually comes across many guests from China mainland. She sees them as her relatives, and feels very warm when being surrounded by the Chinese fellows. Li said she appreciates the association for establishing such a nice place where she can sell her home-grown fruits.

Updated : 2021-09-22 22:52 GMT+08:00