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Chiayi mayor sues over claims he visited 'massage parlor' brothel

Chiayi mayor sues over claims he visited 'massage parlor' brothel

Taipei, Jan. 13 (CNA) Chiayi Mayor Twu Shiing-jer on Tuesday filed charges of aggravated libel against a man who claimed the newly elected mayor frequented a massage parlor offering illicit sexual services. The Taipei-based China Times on Tuesday cited a man named Chien Chun-ping as saying that Twu had been spotted repeatedly at the parlor on Taidou Street and chiding the behavior as inappropriate. Accompanied by his lawyer, Twu headed to the Chiayi District Prosecutors Office that day to file suit against the man "to protect my clean name." The mayor said that during the tense campaign prior to the Nov. 29 election, he would sometimes visit a different parlor on Zhongxiao Road, which he stressed is a legal establishment, but that he had never visited the other location. He added that the price at the parlor he frequented was just NT$999 (US$31.26), an indication that no illicit services were offered. Asked by reporters whether he would sue the paper for publishing the story, Twu said that he would have to consult with his lawyers. Also Tuesday, he wrote in a Facebook post that a photo showing him posing with two young women, which Chien claimed was proof of his visits to the Taidou location, was actually from the Zhongxiao parlor. Chien, meanwhile, has claimed that he has evidence to substantiate what he said and will state his case in court. Media reports indicated Chien has made several outlandish claims in recent years, including posts on social media bragging he won NT$9 million (US$281,630) in the lotto and claims that he had sex in the Yunlin County Council building -- where he also hid out for over two months while on the lam from the law apparently for assaulting an elected official, according to media reports. Twu is the first Democratic Progressive Party candidate to win the mayorship of the city of 271,000, long considered the only stronghold of the Kuomintang in southern Taiwan. He is also the first male mayor of the city since 1997. (By Chiang Chun-liang and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-09-24 00:13 GMT+08:00