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Peru anti-terrorist police investigate play

Uproar over Peru anti-terrorist police investigation of play about 1980-2000 internal conflict

Peru anti-terrorist police investigate play

LIMA, Peru (AP) -- An acclaimed Peruvian theater work exploring the trauma of the country's 1980-2000 internal conflict is drawing another kind of attention -- from anti-terrorist police.

An investigation was opened into the play, "The Captive," after a police investigator wrote a report deeming it sympathetic to Shining Path rebels.

The play by Luis Alberto Leon closed in Lima in December. It examines the conflict's atrocities through a dead 14-year-old girl, whose a corpse is nevertheless animate.

Interior Minister Daniel Urresti defended the police probe Monday after the report was leaked. He said police must do their all to prevent a Shining Path comeback.

The Culture Ministry defended the play Monday as "promoting reflection."

Catholic University professor Cesar de Maria called the police investigation an absurd embarrassment.

Updated : 2021-09-19 10:33 GMT+08:00